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  • A new Magna Charta Universitarium : MCU 2020 Consultation open

    On its 30th anniversary, The Magna Charta Universitatum has been updated and has been released as MCU 2020 by the Magna Charta Observatory, an IAU Member, for consultation and comments. The Magna Charta Universitatum details fundamental values for universities and was first signed by 388 rectors in Bologna in September 1988. The number of universities that have signed the Magna Charta Universitatum has risen to 889. The consultation period closes on 2 August 2019. The draft text of MCU 2020 can be found at:

  • The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) - New strategic plan 2019-2025

    The new ACU strategic plan for 2019-2025 – titled "The Road to 2030", which is a reference to the target date for the UN SDGs was launched in March. It outlines a revitalised mission, vision and strategic priorities for the ACU. Among the other priorities of the plan are: access and inclusion; employability and the fourth industrial revolution; growing research capacity through partnerships; international mobility and recognition of qualifications. More:

  • Daffodil International University - International Social Business Summer Program (ISBSP 2019)

    Daffodil International University (DIU) launches a call for participation to the International Social Business Summer Program (ISBSP) that they will organise from 12 to 22 July, 2019 at DIU in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of the program is to provide an introduction and a deeper understanding on Social Business. It’s an opportunity to make networks with leading social business companies and activists. Participants will have the honour to meet Nobel Laureat Professor Muhammad Yunus. Cultural visit and cross cultural activities will also be part of the program. Deadline for subscription : June 10, 2019. For further information please visit:

  • World University of Bangladesh - Summer School programme

    World University of Bangladesh (WUB) invites applications for the two weeks Summer School Programme that they will be organising for the upcoming Summer Semester 2019. The aim of the programme will be to stretch student’s knowledge and understanding in the areas of Bangali creed and culture, language, agriculture, garments industry, health community. Students will also explore ancient places. Deadline for subscription extended until 15th May 2019. Contact : Please find the programme schedule and the application form, below.

  • IIENetworker Handbook 2019 Now Available

    IIE is pleased to announce that the new IIENetwork Handbook for International Educators has just been published. The Handbook lists more than 7,000 professionals at over 1,300 higher education institutions (study abroad directors, international student advisers, university presidents, and more) who are active participants in international educational exchange.

  • JANU - The "Japanese National Universities" booklet is Now Available

    The Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) has just released the “Japanese National Universities” booklet. This publication aims to briefly introduce JANU member universities consisting of all 86 Japanese national universities. It contains basic information such as "Academic," "Number of Students" and "Contact Details" as well as an introductory message. For more details please download the PDF file below :

  • European University Association (EUA) - Michael Murphy elected EUA President

    Michael Murphy of University College Cork has been elected as the new president of The European University Association (EUA) during the EUA General Assembly held in Paris on 11th April, 2019. On the same occasion, the EUA General Assembly also voted for the Association’s new Board members. Murphy, a member of the EUA Board since 2017 and Chair of the EUA Learning & Teaching Steering Committee, succeeds Rolf Tarrach, who has served EUA as president since 2015. The new president graduated in Medicine from University College Cork and received his doctorate from the National University of Ireland.

  • ACUP – 2nd GUNi International Conference on SDGs - Call for contributions

    The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) and the GUNI Network launch a call for contributions for the 2nd GUNi International Conference on SDGs, to be held on March 2020 in Barcelona. Deadline for submission 15th September 2019. For more details, please check the document (pdf file) below.

  • Conference of Spanish University Rectors (CRUE) - Action plan for Agenda 2030

    CRUE, the Spanish Universities association, a Member of the IAU, is collaborating with the Spanish government to develop the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Roberto Fernandez, President of CRUE, is a member of the Spanish Council of Sustainable Development and participated in the Council’s launch in Madrid on 26 February. Headed by the High Commissioner of the Spanish government for Agenda 2030, Cristina Gallach, the Council, formed of 50 civil society representatives, will be responsible for implementing the government’s actions for achieving Agenda 2030. CRUE is also examining policies and programmes to identify opportunities to implement the SDGs effectively in the Spanish higher education system via its Inter-sectoral Committee for the 2030 Agenda.

  • Association of African Universities - Workshop on "Internationalization Issues in Higher Educations Institutions"

    The Association of African Universities will organize a workshop on "Internationalization Issues in Higher Educations Institutions" on May 28 - 31st , 2019, in Accra, Ghana. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss about the importance, trends, realities and challenges related to the internationalization of higher education in Africa. For more information please refer to the document and flyer below.

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