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11 May 2021


  • : Strategic and Purposeful Internationalization / Internacionalización Estratégica con Propósito

    In this webinar, universities with different characteristics (private and public, small, and large) and from different countries in Latin America and Spain will present good practices in strategic and purposeful internationalization. This webinar will showcase examples of how HEIs institutionalize internationalization policies, in line with their institutional objectives. This will allow participants to understand the success factors, strengths, and weaknesses of these processes, especially in changing contexts such as the current one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar will also be the opportunity to present the results of the impact evaluation study analysing the effectiveness of the Internationalization Strategy Advisory Services (ISAS) developed by the International Association of Universities, a set of services that encouraged universities to develop or revise their internationalization strategy.

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