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SULITEST is to develop Sustainability Literacy worldwide and empower engaged and committed global citizen to make informed and responsible decisions, and collectively build a sustainable future. It is to expand sustainable knowledge, skills, and mindset that motivates individuals to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future and to make informed and effective decisions. SULITEST provides citizens and organizations with internationally recognized and locally relevant tools to engage learning and access the degree of awareness on sustainability challenges and solutions of their stakeholders. SULITEST collects meaningful indicators on the awareness on sustainability challenges and solutions. Sharing these indicators may allow researchers, educators and other relevant stakeholders to tailor pedagogical approaches and learning experiments to support education for sustainable development.

Since the creation of SULITEST, IAU has played a supportive role, including regular reviews of the test and new modules, promotion of the tool in networks, and support the development of the project as IAU is part of the SULITEST Administrative Board.


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