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David Julien

Dr David Julien currently acts as Secretary-General of the Inter-American Organization of Higher Education (OUI-IOHE) and Executive Director of the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE). Based in Montreal, Canada, he coordinates a network of 350 higher education institutions across the Americas and speaks the four official languages of the continent (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish). He owns a Doctorate and a Master’s degree in Organizational and Intercultural Psychology from the University of Sherbrooke where he was appointed Ambassador of his Faculty in 2022. He also owns a Bachelor’s degree from Laval University and has taken courses in leadership and management at Harvard University and McGill University. He has accumulated 20 years of management experience in three distinct organizations including the IOHE, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and UNESCO where he has been responsible for developing inter-governmental partnerships and different capacity building programs in education and sports. He has taught at the Confucius Institute in Montreal, University of Sherbrooke, Marie-Victorin College, Universidad del Valle (Colombia) and Kaifeng University (China). He has also offered training seminars in various Latin American universities where he travels frequently.

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