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New - IAU / Palgrave Prize Essay Competition 2018-2019

Thanks to, and in partnership with, Palgrave Macmillan, publisher of the Association’s research and reference works, IAU is pleased to invite you to submit a paper for the 2018-2019 prize essay competition. The prize-winner will receive 2,000€ and will be awarded to the most outstanding essay received from researchers, scholars, administrators from an IAU Member Institution or Organization. All Papers will be considered for publication in IAU’s research journal, Higher Education Policy.


The topic for this year’s competition is Higher Education in the Digital Era. Societies are increasingly relying on digital technology, what does this imply for higher education? How is higher education changing and adapting to a changing society? Digital transformations affect all levels of higher education from governance to education and research. Within the broad topic, a set of four sub-questions offers different entry point for contributions and opportunity for covering a variety of different aspects related to digital developments and higher education. IAU welcomes submissions that are critical of developments as well as submissions demonstrating progress.

Higher education in the digital era:

  • Society is changing; what about higher education?
  • Are learning outcomes of higher education shifting?
  • Is open science a reality?
  • Is higher education ready to reform?

Important instructions

Papers should be researched based, and may take the form of an analytical case study, an analysis of trends, provide an overview of relevant policies or offer insights into the results of impact assessment.
Please note that submissions must be research- and analysis-based; articles that are purely descriptive will not be retained.
The essays should not exceed in 7000 words in length, excluding references; they should be written in English and be submitted in electronic format (MS Word). Authors are asked to follow the author instructions on referencing etc on the HEP’s website.
Papers will be reviewed anonymously by the prize jury; they will also be subject to independent, double-blind review for possible publication in HEP.


  • Submission of abstracts (between 500 and 1000 words plus references) by 1 April 2019
  • Decisions on abstracts will be sent by 1 May 2019
  • Final submissions to be sent by 1 December 2019
  • Final decision to authors by 1 February 2020

You will find the pdf version of the Call here.

Please send all queries and abstracts to

Nicholas Poulton
Information and Publication Officer

For more about IAU and its activities in the area of higher education and technology, please visit:

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