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International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB):

HEDBIB is a database on higher education systems, administration, planning, policy, and evaluation. It has been maintained by the IAU since 1988, and was redeveloped and upgraded in 2010.

HEDBIB - and the specialised collection of the IAU-UNESCO information Centre

Bringing together over 35,000 references on higher education from around the world, HEDBIB is constantly updated. HEDBIB contains bibliographic references to all publications held in the specialised collection of the IAU-UNESCO Information Centre as well as new higher education publications and documents identified by the IAU Information Centre monitoring team.

Partner organisations

References are also contributed by our partner organisations: UNESCO Headquarters; the European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES); UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP); UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America (IESALC); the American Council on Education (ACE).

Using HEDBIB to create a bibliography

HEDBIB offers basic and advanced searches, using title, author(s), key word(s), country/ies, region(s), publication year and document type. Search results are available in different formats (short, detailed and ISBD) and can be saved, combined, and printed to form a bibliography which responds to your search criteria.

Access to electronic documents

Where freely available, a link to the electronic document is provided.


Launched in January 2011, New in HEDBIB is a resource produced five times a year containing full references of newly entered publications into HEDBIB, and references are structured according to IAU thematic area. It is sent directly to IAU Members and higher education institutes and is also posted on the HEDBIB web page.

In addition, HEDBIB contains a "Latest Additions" button which contains a real-time update of the newest entries to HEDBIB.

HEDBIB and IAU Member services

Most of the features of HEDBIB are available to all, however IAU Member institutions and organisations benefit from additional services in HEDBIB such as access to abstracts and the possibility to receive bibliographies by e-mail. To access these additional services, IAU Members are provided with a Member login to HEDBIB.

Full details and instructions on how to use HEDBIB are contained in the HEDBIB Guide.

Contact: Amanda Sudic, IAU Librarian / Documentalist

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