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HEP 29/3, septembre 2016: le troisième numéro du volume 29 de Higher Education Policy (HEP) présente six articles sur divers thèmes et une critique de livre :


  • Interplays Between Welfare Regimes Typology and Academic Research Systems in OECD Countries - Olivier Bégin-Caouette, Tanja Askvik, and Bian Cui;

  • What Europe Wanted and What Flanders Achieved: Intentions vs Results after 15 Years of Bologna – Bruno Broucker and Kurt De Wit;

  • Do International Students Displace US Students in the Pursuit of Higher Degrees in Science and Engineering? A Forecasting Analysis - Antonio Sanfilippo, Chase Dowling, and Sofiane Abbar;

  • Global Partnership as a Strategy for Internationalisation: MBAs in Latin America and Asia and Oceania – Jeongeun Kim and Sergio Celis;

  • Twenty Years of Merit-Pay Programme in Argentinean Universities: Tracking Policy Change through Instrument Analysis - Nerina Fernanda Sarthou;

  • Shaping Perceptions of a Policy Instrument: The Political–Administrative Formation of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Norway and England - Svein Michelsen, Rachel Sweetman, Bjørn Stensaker, and Ivar Bleiklie;

Critique de livre

  • Higher Education and the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel, de Khalid Arar and Kussai Haj-Yehia -Izhar Oplatka.

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