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The University of Tokyo (Japan) - 2017 Scholarship Programs

The School of Science at the University of Tokyo, Japan launches a call for application to the following study abroad programs:

GLOBAL SCIENCE GRADUATE COURSE (GSGC) : An international graduate program that allows students to obtain their degrees in English. This program welcomes excellent graduates from universities all over the world. Deadline for application : January 10, 2017. More

GLOBAL SCIENCE COURSE (GSC) : The Global Science Course (GSC) is a new undergraduate 2 year-long transfer program. It was designed to enhance cross-cultural interactions among young minds from around the world coming together to learn science. All GSC classes are conducted in English by world-leading professors who are pursuing cutting-edge research in the most advanced fields.

Furthermore, successful applicants to this program are rewarded with a generous scholarship. This includes 150,000 Japanese yen per month to aid in paying tuition fees and support living expenses. It additionally includes fully supported rent.

The application period for GSC Fall 2017 is from January 10 - April 7, 2017. More

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