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Past Events

IAU past General Conferences are listed below. Information provided includes: the conference programme, presentations and conference reports when available.

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13/11/2016  16/11/2016 - Bangkok, Thailand

The IAU 15th General Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 13-16 November 2016.

27/11/2012  30/11/2012 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Higher Education and the Global Agenda – Alternative Paths to the Future

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15/07/2008  18/07/2008 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Focusing on Higher Education and Research Addressing Local and Global Needs, it was hosted by Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in July 2008.

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25/07/2004  29/07/2004 - Sao Paolo, Brazil

Focusing on The Wealth of Diversity: The Role of Universities in Promoting Dialogue and Development, it was organized in partnership with the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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20/08/2000  25/08/2000 - Durban, South Africa

Focusing on Universities: Gateway to the Future, it was hosted by the University of Natal, and organized in collaboration with the South African Universities Vice-Chancellors Association (SAUVCA).

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