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National and regional associations of universities are important Members of IAU. As umbrella organisations representing higher education institutions in a specific geographical area, associations are key sources of information about trends and issues regarding higher education in a specific country or region and at the local level. By joining the IAU, organizations have the possibility to get involved in the work of the IAU ; to become part of a global network of peers and to exchange with other leaders of higher education associations on issues of global concern. In addition to its other conferences and events, IAU organizes biennial Global Meetings of Associations (GMA) which are exclusively focused on and open only to higher education associations and thus create a unique platform for exchange among peers.

Application form

To apply for organizational membership please send the completed Organizational Membership Application Form to Juliette Becker: j.becker(at) The admission criteria are spelled out below. Please note that an incomplete application form delays the review process.

Organizational Membership Application Form

Admission criteria

All associations or networks of universities and higher education institutions that bring together the leaders and other representatives of institutions or higher learning and/or research are eligible to apply of membership. Associations of universities and other higher education institutions at national, sub-national, regional or international level may be admitted as Member Organizations.


Organizational membership in IAU includes the following benefits:

  • Be associated to the principles and values IAU upholds
  • Discount registration fee for IAU Conferences and the biennial Global Meeting of Associations (GMA)
  • Invitation to speak at IAU Conferences
  • Right to vote and stand for election as President and as an Administrative Board Member at the Quadrennial General Conferences
  • Use of IAU logo to indicate affiliation to the Association
  • Receive invitations to take part in targeted activities, workshops, seminars and expert meetings
  • Opportunity to participate in IAU Working Groups on priority themes
  • IAU Consultation for expert advice in its areas of work
  • Advanced access to the World Higher Education Database (WHED) Portal and 50 % discount on the International Handbook of Universities (IHU)
  • Subscription to IAU quarterly research journal Higher Education Policy (HEP)
  • Subscription to IAU Horizons, a thematic tri-annual magazine debating important higher education issues
  • Subscription to the monthly E-bulletin, a source of links to higher education policies, opportunities and news worldwide
  • Subscription to Highlights from the Press, a monthly selection of articles on higher education in the international press
  • Advanced access to the International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB)
  • Inclusion of publications in HEDBIB
  • Dissemination of organizational news on the IAU website in “News from Members’”
  • Discount price for the IAU Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education report
  • Discount rate for recruiting via Global Academy Jobs.

Please note that while Organizational Members can share information about IAU and their activities with their institutional Members, the organization cannot extent the benefits to their Members.

Annual Membership Fees

Fees for Organizations are based on a combination of the Gross National Product (GNP) of the country where the Organization's headquarters are situated and student enrollment of its largest institutional member (list of countries per category). The financial year at IAU runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Largest Member counts: Low Income Countries Middle Income Countries High Income Countries
Less than 1,000 Students 850 € (Euro) 1,200 € (Euro) 1,250 € (Euro)
Between 1,000-5,000 students 1,200 € (Euro) 1,500 € (Euro) 1,600 € (Euro)
Between 5,000-10,000 students 1,600 € (Euro) 2,150 € (Euro) 2,250 € (Euro)
More than 10,000 students 2,100 € (Euro) 2,750 € (Euro) 2,850 € (Euro)

Application review process

The applications are reviewed at least once a month. If retained for Membership, the head of the organization will receive an acceptance letter from the IAU Secretary-General explaining the formalities to complete to finalize Membership:

  • Pay membership fees (statement included with letter).
  • Sign the letter of commitment on official letterhead and return to IAU

For more information about Membership please contact Juliette Becker: j.becker(at) or +33 1 45 68 48 00.

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