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HEP 30/1, March 2017: The latest edition of HEP brings together seven papers looking at student engagement.


  • Critiques of Student Engagement - Bruce Macfarlane and Michael Tomlinson, University of Southampton, UK;

  • Student Engagement, ‘Learnification’ and the Sociomaterial: Critical Perspectives on Higher Education Policy - Lesley Gourlay, University College London Institute of Education, UK;

  • Student Engagement: Towards A Critical Policy Sociology - Michael Tomlinson;

  • Higher Education Policy on Student Engagement: Thinking Outside the Box - Peter Kahn, University of Liverpool, UK;

  • From Student Engagement to Student Agency: Conceptual Considerations of European Policies on Student-Centered Learning in Higher Education - Manja Klemenčič, Harvard University, USA;

  • Higher Education’s Panopticon? Learning Analytics, Ethics and Student Engagement - Julie Wintrup, University of Southampton, UK;

  • The Engaged Student Ideal in UK Higher Education Policy - Paul Kelly, Nic Fair, Carol Evans, University of Southampton, UK;

  • This edition is completed by a paper entitled Reputation Management in Complex Environments—A Comparative Study of University Organizations, penned by Tom Christensen and Åse Gornitzka of the Universty of Oslo.

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