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International Conferences

IC 2017 Once a year, with the exception of the year when the General Conference takes place, the IAU holds an international conference for Members and beyond to discuss matters of general concern to international higher education.

Focusing on the theme: Leadership for a changing public private higher education funding landscape, the IAU 2017 International Conference will take place in Accra, Ghana from 18-20 October 2017. The Conference is open to all interested participants.

The 7th IAU Global Meeting of Associations (GMA VII) will take place prior to the International Conference on 17-18 october 2017. The GMA is exclusively open to leaders of national, regional and international associations/organizations of higher education institutions.

Both events will be hosted by the University of Ghana and the Association of African Universities.

For more information, please contact: Trine Jensen (

Visit the Conference website and register now at:

IAU Members interested in hosting a conference are welcome to address a formal letter to the IAU Secretary General.

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