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Executive Committee

This Executive Committee is composed of the President, who acts as chair, and four Vice-Presidents with due regard to geographic representation. The Committee acts on behalf of the Administrative Board between meetings and guides the Association's action agenda and program of activities. Generally, the Executive Committee meets twice yearly. It provides support to the President of the Association by preparing the meetings of the Administrative Board and the business sessions of the General Conference. One Vice-President, so designated, replaces the President of the Association should the need arise for whatever reason during the latter's term of office. One Vice-President, also so designated, acts as Treasurer.

The Members of the Executive Committee are designated by the President from among the Administrative Board members and approved by them. The Secretary General of the IAU serves as secretary to the Executive Committee.

Members of the Executive Committee 2016-2020



The Vice-Presidents will be named at the first meeting of the newly-elected Administrative Board, due in April 2017.


  • Eva Egron-Polak, Secretary General

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