International Association of Universities

Building a worldwide higher education community

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IAU Policy Statements, listed here in chronological order, starting with the most recent Statement, are freely available for dissemination. More recent Statements have been open to endorsements by other Associations of Higher Education; all are open to comments.

Affirming Academic Values in Internationalization of Higher Education:A Call for Action (2012)

IAU-MCO Guidelines for an Institutional Code of Ethics in Higher Education (2012)

Prepared in collaboration with the Magna Charta Observatory.

Equitable Access, Success and Quality in Higher Education (2008)

Sharing Quality Higher Education Across Borders: A Statement on Behalf of Higher Education Institutions Worldwide (2005)

Prepared in collaboration with AUCC, ACE and CHEA

Universities and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (2004)

Towards a Century of Cooperation: Internationalization of Higher Education (2000)

Academic freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Social Responsibility (1998)

The Buenos Aires Statement on Higher Education Funding (1994)

Kyoto Declaration on Sustainable Development (1993)

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