International Association of Universities

Building a worldwide higher education community


  • IAU Palgrave Prize Essay Competition

    IAU/Palgrave Prize in Higher Education Policy Research 2016-2017 Essay Competition Theme *Higher Educ ...
  • Leadership development (LGEU 3)

    Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU) To support new and future leaders of Higher Education Institutions who wish to extend their experience by engaging with peers from other countries w ...
  • LEADHER - outcomes

    LEADHER - outcomes To support Members in developing countries and promote inter-Membership collaboration IAU offered the Leadership Development for Higher Education Reform (LEADHER) Program ...
  • IAU signs a grant agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation

    IAU is pleased to announce the signature of a grant agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) to assist the Foundation with the development of the global outreach of the Rockefeller Bellagio Cent ...

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