International Association of Universities

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Annual Reports

Activity Reports:

Activity reports are snapshots of the Association, its activities and achievements. Featuring financial information, they contribute to the Association's total transparency.

  • Annual Report 2015 (pdf, 2 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2014(pdf, 2 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2013 (pdf, 2 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2012 (pdf, 3 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2011 (pdf, 2.7 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2010 (pdf, 2.09 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2009 (pdf, 1.76 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2008 (pdf, 3.40 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2007 (pdf, 1.07 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2006 (pdf, 1.65 Mb)
  • Annual Report 2005 (pdf, 1.94 Mb)
  • IAU Report of activities 2004-2008 (full document, presentation)
  • IAU Activities and Finance Report 2000-2004 (rtf, 540 kb)
    Written in the wake of IAU's 12th General Conference in Sao Paulo, this document provides an analytical account of the developments and initiatives undertaken by the Association from August 2000 to July 2004. Reporting major changes and achievements, it features six chapters: Memberships, IAU Governance, Activities, Partnerships and Networking, IAU Publications Programme, Finance and Administration.

  • Annual Report 2004 (pdf, 2.15 mb)
    In addition to the covering the current thematic priorities and various actions implemented by IAU working groups, the report focused this year on the IAU 12th General Conference held in July 2004 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and its follow-up. The report offers also the opportunity to discover the new IAU President and Administrative Board elected in July 2004.

  • Annual Report 2003 (pdf, 2.07 mb)
    Precious information concerning the IAU itself, its partnerships and recent publications, as well as major events that are to take place in 2004. It also offers data concerning the financial year 2004.

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