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IAU Affiliates

In order to include a wider range of actors in the area of higher education in the life and work of IAU, the Association offers Affiliate status to groups that are not eligible for full Institutional or Organizational Membership.

Application form

To apply to become an IAU Affiliate, please send the completed Affiliate Application Form to Juliette Becker: j.becker(at) Please consult the admission criteria below and be aware that incomplete application form will delay the review process.

Affiliate Application Form

Admission criteria

The IAU Affiliate status is open to all non-governmental organizations and networks, national or international in nature, whose primary mandate is directly related to the mission and work of the IAU but which are not eligible to join the Association as a full Member. Applications eligible for Institutional or Organizational Membership cannot be considered for Affiliate Status.


IAU Affiliates are granted the following benefits:

  • Be associated to the principles and values IAU upholds
  • Invitations to participate in activities, workshops, seminars and expert meetings
  • Opportunity to participate in IAU Working Groups on priority themes
  • IAU Consultation for expert advice in its areas of work
  • Advanced access to the World Higher Education Database (WHED) Portal and 50 % discount on the International Handbook of Universities (IHU)
  • Subscription to IAU Horizons, a thematic tri-annual magazine debating important higher education issues
  • Subscription to the monthly E-bulletin, a source of links to higher education policies, opportunities and news worldwide
  • Subscription to Highlights from the Press, a monthly selection of articles on higher education in the international press
  • Advanced access to the International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB)
  • Inclusion of publications in HEDBIB
  • Disseminating organizational news on the IAU website in “News from Members’”
  • Discount price for the IAU Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education report

Annual Membership Fees

650 Euro per year. The financial year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Application review process

The applications are reviewed at least once a month. If retained, the applying body will receive an acceptance letter from the IAU Secretary-General. It officially becomes IAU affiliate once the annual affiliate fees are settled.

For more information about Affiliate status please contact Juliette Becker: j.becker(at) or +33 1 45 68 48 00.

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